Kids and Chiropractic

I’m often asked why children would need chiropractic care.

It is understandable that many people would wonder this when one considers that the majority of people believe that chiropractic is for back and neck pain.

When one understands that our spine is actually a driver of normal brain development and that the spinal cord is housed inside the spine, they can finally begin to understand that chiropractic should actually be a part of every person’s life much like every person sees the dentist to maintain the health of their teeth.
The image to the right describes 5 simple facts about your family’ health that is essential to understand in order to experience optimal health and function.San Jose Campbell Chiropractor Pediatric Chiropractic

Those facts are:

  1. Your spinal cord is located in your spine and is your nervous system’s information highway. The majority of messages spending information from your brain to your body and your body to your brain travel through the spinal column.
  2. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every part of your body. We often don’t think about how our body works but without the nervous system, nothing would!
  3. Misalignments of your spine can distort nerve messages and contribute to a wide range of health problems.
  4. Misalignments of the spine are known as vertebral subluxations and negatively affect your nervous system, health and well-being.
  5. Maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system should be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle and can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Hopefully, that makes it clear why not only children, but all individuals should have their nervous system and spine checked periodically throughout a lifetime. If one is having health challenges, this is especially important to check to see if nervous system interference coming from the spine is a factor. Once those issues are corrected, it then makes sense to maintain the health of the spine and nervous system throughout a lifetime.

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